• How To Play Badugi

    How To Play Badugi

    With its strange name and peculiar rules Badugi can seem intimidating even to seasoned poker players. In truth, limit Badugi is one of the simpler poker variants to learn and master, even for beginners. READ MORE
  • Where To Play Badugi Online

    Where To Play Badugi Online

    Not many poker players are aware that Badugi poker is being played online as we speak, at several different poker sites. What is the absolute best place to play Badugi poker online? Read our guide to find out which poker room is our pick. READ MORE
  • Play Badugi For Free

    Play Badugi For Free

    An empty seat at an action packed Badugi table can be yours sooner than you might think. Play money Badugi games don't require a deposit and can be joined within minutes after a quick download. READ MORE

Badugi Combinatorics

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Down-card combinatorics can be a pretty big part of poker theory. In Holdem, they provide us with a reason to open Ace-rags from late position, value-bet scary rivers, and bluff-raise Ace-high boards versus tight opponents. In the world of Badugi, combinatorics comes into play when looking at the strength of an opponent's 4-card badugi's that was dealt pre-draw.

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Common Badugi Mistakes

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For many players just starting out in Badugi the intricacies of the game may seem elusive at first. Badugi presents us with some unique situations and game-specific drawing odds, especially for players who don't have experience with draw poker and lowball games. Fortunately, Badugi basics aren't difficult to learn, and this list of common mistakes should help get you on your way to mastering this increasingly popular game. Read the rest of this entry »

Maximizing Your Winrate Online

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While there is nothing inherently different about playing Badugi online as compared to live, there are few considerations which can help beginning and advanced players alike adjust more comfortable to online play. In poker every edge counts, and here are a few suggestion which could help maximize your profits while playing Badugi online. Read the rest of this entry »

Bluffing In Limit Badugi

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Bluffing In Limit Badugi

In it's most popular iteration - fixed limit, Badugi plays out as an action game, with multiple players often drawing to the best 4-card hand over multiple bets. As such, bluffing becomes a tricky proposition due to opponents often receiving correct odds to draw, and the reasonably high likelihood of a made hand on late streets in multiway pots. Nevertheless, there are some conditions under which bluffs can be reasonably attempted in ring games.

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